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Your confidentiality is of critical importance to UpLift.  It is a core operating principle that is taken very seriously.  As a strictly confidential service for students of aviation, it can be accessed anonymously if desired.  Access only requires that contact be initiated by the student, even if recommended by another individual.  All information shared, including details of individual users, is protected with the same standards as medical records are protected.  However, as with medical records, UpLift is ethically obliged to waive your confidentiality if there is demonstrable concern about safety to yourself or anyone else.  In such an extremely rare event, your peer from UpLift will follow an established protocol of contacting a clinical supervisor and together deciding on the most appropriate course of action.  However, they will always work with you first.



UpLift is an independent service endorsed by the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences of the University of North Dakota.  To insure program autonomy, the service is enabled by and managed by the Center for Aviation Psychology.  When accessing the service by requesting a call, the Center for Aviation Psychology is alerted and in turn contacts the UpLift secure portal so that the student can be assigned a peer.  All communications and records are securely stored within encrypted systems and are compliant with data protection standards outside the purview of the University of North Dakota.

All peer volunteers have been trained and have agreed to a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality agreement.  In addition to training received, peers are clinically supervised by a designated mental health professional.

For more information you can access the privacy policy  and cookie policy  of the Center for Aviation Psychology, read all FAQs or get in touch. 

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