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UpLift is a peer support service for students of the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Science at the University of North Dakota. 


As people who share a similar journey and experiences, our goal is to assist those who reach out by providing perspectives through active listening and help create strategies for self-empowerment.

Our trained peers are current aerospace students who are there to listen and support you. This is done without judgement and in the strictest of confidence. UpLift is, in fact, governed by the highest professional and medical standards of confidentiality. Many issues can be resolved before becoming a problem by talking with someone who knows what it is like being an aerospace student. 

While UpLift is endorsed by the University of North Dakota, it is an independent entity. UpLift is administered by a leading specialist in this field, the Centre for Aviation Psychology

You can find out more by reading our FAQs or looking  at alternative support programs available on the University of North Dakota campus by reviewing our RESOURCES section.


This service is unable provide an emergency response. 

For any urgent issues please use the UND Crisis Resources: (988 or 211 in North Dakota)

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